Be Prepared for the Storm!

Consistent roof maintenance is the key to making sure your roof is ready for the next storm and is the only way to help you realize the full life of your roof.  Whether its periodic clearing of leaves or debris clogging drains, patching of potential leak spots or sun-exposed wear, or addressing areas of water pooling, your roof is under continual chemical, physical, & thermal stresses. With proper maintenance, you can eliminate or reduce these elemental stresses that can shorten a roof's service life & result in untimely damages.

With a Statewide Roofing maintenance contract, we provide an initial inspection to give building managers & owners an accurate, up-to-date assessment of their roof's current conditions, a road map of possible maintenance requirements & repair needs to extend the life of the roof system and a helpful financial plan to accurately assess and schedule future roof replacement projects - all based on your specific budget and schedule..  We then schedule a routine based on your roof's conditions for periodic visits for roof cleaning, proactive repairs as well as an ongoing annual inspection.

Don't wait for the rain to start!  Take action and contact us now to ensure your peace of mind come winter.